This Arduino plant watering kit lets you automate your garden

Most Arduino owners use their microcontroller to build simple DIY devices. But this powerful board is capable of so much more. With the Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit 2.0, you can create an automated watering system for your garden. The kit provides a fun weekend project that doesn’t involve coding or soldering, with a genuinely useful end product. You can grab it now for $69 at the PopSci Shop. ...

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Automatic Garden Watering Device – Arduino

As part of the Content Creation course for my MLIS degree (Our class blog: ), I needed to come up with a final project and wanted to learn to use an Arduino. In the end I came up with this device to automatically sense when the soil in my garden is dry and turn on a switch to water it. I know there are other devices out there that do the same thing and probably do it better, ...

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