Froggy World 3 The Seesaw

Froggy put on a little eye makeup before heading out for the new ride, "The Seesaw."  The Seesaw is the third ride in the amusement park for adventurous plastic frogs. This ride received Froggy from "The Boot" and slides him over to a waiting rail car. Froggy World 1 The Catapult is here: Froggy World 2 The Boot is here: http://www.instructables.c ...

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Froggy World 5 The Coffee Gripper

In Froggy World, the amusement park for adventurous plastic frogs, it became necessary to to move the frog from a train car back to the catapult.  Because I couldn't know whether the frog would be upright or sideways--and in what orientation--the gripper was a challenge. I read about the "coffee gripper" developed at Cornell and used that technique for transporting the frog. In the video, I cut out the "20 ...

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