1Mbit SPI FRAM comes in chip-scale packaging

The 1Mbit SPI FRAM is in an 8-pin wafer level chip scale package (WL-CSP) which is an additional package variant to the existing product MB85RS1MT. In comparison to the industry standard SOP-8 package, the new WL-CSP package, which measures 3.09 x 2.28 x 0.33 mm, reduces the surface mounting area by 77%, and the device height by 80%. The WL-CSP package makes FRAM a non-volatile memory solution for wearable ...

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Fun With The Arduino Esplora: A Digital Picture Frame

With this article I kick off my series on the Arduino Esplora board. Today's project is a nice (and cheap!) little digital picture frame that uses the Esplora's TFT Screen add-on. Materials Needed In this section you will find the materials that you need to obtain to build this project. Arduino Esplora Board The Arduino Esplora is the most feature rich of all the Arduino boards. It has the shape of a game c ...

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