Arduino-Powered Laser Engraver

Hi everybody, my name is Michiel and I am going to show you how to make an awesome looking laser engraver! A couple of months ago, there was a CNC challenge here at instructables, while checking out the entries of that contest, I saw some pretty cool engraving machines and I thought: "Why shouldn't I make my own?". And so I did, but I didn't want to make someone else's project, I wanted to make my own. And ...

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Affordable Opensource Arduino Laser Engraver for Everbody

What are the characteristics of the ZelosLaser Engraver? Work area *Normal* 300mm x 200mm Housing dimensions Normal 440mm x 350mm x 220mm Work area *BIG MAMA* 660mm x 650mm Housing dimensions *BIG MAMA* 800mm x 800mm x 220mm Uses Arduino UNO Clone and a GRBL Shield 300mw 405nm Laser Diode There are 55x 3D-Printed parts in the kit All the software and Hardware used by the ZelosLaser is Open Source and free f ...

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