Power Conversion Options for Energy Harvesting IoT Nodes

Environmental energy harvesting is a possible source of power for Internet of Things (IoT) sensor nodes but needs careful management. Unless harvesters based on solar or thermal technology, for example, are designed to be compatible with conventional circuits, DC/DC converters need to be optimized for low-voltage inputs. Sensor nodes for the Internet of Things often need to placed well away from a reliable ...

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Specialized ICs Squeeze Large Capabilities into Tiny Energy-Harvesting Solutions

By Stephen Evanczuk Contributed By Hearst Electronic Products 2014-12-17 For rapidly growing markets such as wearables or the Internet of Things (IoT), energy harvesting can significantly enhance battery life—or even enable battery-free designs. At the same time, however, engineers designing wearables and IoT devices face significant constraints in total design size and footprint. To meet growing demands fo ...

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