Automatic Railway Gate for Unmanned Railway Crossing

The aim of this project is to save lives of people who are crossing unmanned railway crossings; by providing an automatic railway gate solution. There are many accidents occurred and lives are lost while crossing the unmanned railway crossings in India. Materials Used: Wood Thermocol Train and Track, Electronic components: IC L293D IR Sensor set Arduino Uno DC Motor GSM Module Solar Panel (Next phase of pro ...

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Traffic light and pedestrian crossing implemented with an Arduino

This video shows the Traffic light and pedestrian crossing I’ve implemented with an Arduino. It’s a reproduction of the crossing near my home, timings taken from a video of it. Incidentally, I produced the diagrams for this using a product called Fritzing.  It’s a nifty piece of software that allows you to draw a breadboarded version of your circuit, lay out the circuit schematic and then aut ...

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