Entries into the Circuit Sculpture Contest tend to be pretty minimalist by nature, and this LED candle by [Amal Mathew] is a perfect example. The idea here was to recreate the slim and uncomplicated nature of a real candle but with a digital twist, and we think he’s pulled it off nicely with a bare minimum part count and exaggerated wire length that gives it the look of a thin pillar candle. To give the LED ...

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The Annoy-O-Bug: A Chirping Light-Up Throwie

Small enough to slip in a mint tin, yet loud enough to be heard across a house at only a few dollars per unit. A nice combination for a pretty good prank! Let's dive in! Step One: The Circuit You can purchase the printed circuit board from OSH Park using the link in the parts section of this build. You by no means need to use an ATtiny or my own printed circuit board. This circuit would take a grand total o ...

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