LTC3118 – 18V, 2A Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter with Low-Loss Dual Input PowerPath

Features Integrated High Efficiency Dual Input PowerPath™ Plus Buck-Boost DC/DC Converter Ideal Diode or Priority VIN Select Modes VIN1 and VIN2 Range: 2.2V to 18V VOUT Range: 2V to 18V Either VIN Can Be Above, Below or Equal to VOUT Generates 5V at 2A for VIN > 6V 1.2MHz Low Noise Fixed Frequency Operation Current Mode Control All Internal N-Channel MOSFETs Pin-Selectable PWM or Burst Mode® Operation Ac ...

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LT8570 – Boost/SEPIC/Inverting DC/DC Converter with 65V Switch, Soft-Start and Synchronization

Features 65V Power Switch Current Limit Options of 0.5A (LT8570) or 0.25A (LT8570-1) Adjustable Switching Frequency Single Feedback Resistor Sets VOUT Synchronizable to External Clock High Gain SHDN Pin Accepts Slowly Varying Input Signals Wide Input Voltage Range: 2.55V to 40V Low VCESAT Switch Integrated Soft-Start Function Easily Configurable as a Boost, SEPIC, or Inverting Converter User Configurable Un ...

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