Interfacing Arduino with Micro SD card Module

Introduction Often times, we have the need for a way to store data in our projects, and most of the time, the EEPROM which comes readily to mind has a limited storage capacity, and issues with the format and nature of data it can hold. All this and more makes it probably not the best for storing data like text, CSV, audio, video or image files. To get around this we could use an SD card to store the data, a ...

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Color sensor achieves high dynamic range with auto exposure

The Design Idea in Figure 1 is a color detector capable of generating an RGB triplet over a high dynamic range, a useful attribute for machine vision applications. The circuit implements auto-exposure control to achieve this. Thus, RGB values for a subject are invariant over a range of light intensity. The three common-cathode RGB photodiodes (U1) are reverse‑biased and pre-charged to VR (typically 0.5V) th ...

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Converting from Eagle to KiCad

Converting from Eagle to KiCad. Quick Introduction Video Recommended video player Firefox 56.0+ with VLC video player plugin The following 5 ulp (eagle user script file) and one ulp include file, work together or stand alone to convert Eagle sch/pcb version 6.xx*(7.xx-8.xx maybe?)* file(s) and any version of Eagle lib(lbr) to KiCad sch/pcb and lib/mod files. The Programs will do Eagle multi sheet sch to KiC ...

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