Color sensor achieves high dynamic range with auto exposure

The Design Idea in Figure 1 is a color detector capable of generating an RGB triplet over a high dynamic range, a useful attribute for machine vision applications. The circuit implements auto-exposure control to achieve this. Thus, RGB values for a subject are invariant over a range of light intensity. The three common-cathode RGB photodiodes (U1) are reverse‑biased and pre-charged to VR (typically 0.5V) th ...

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Converting from Eagle to KiCad

Converting from Eagle to KiCad. Quick Introduction Video Recommended video player Firefox 56.0+ with VLC video player plugin The following 5 ulp (eagle user script file) and one ulp include file, work together or stand alone to convert Eagle sch/pcb version 6.xx*(7.xx-8.xx maybe?)* file(s) and any version of Eagle lib(lbr) to KiCad sch/pcb and lib/mod files. The Programs will do Eagle multi sheet sch to KiC ...

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