Internet connection indicator box with restart button

THE SETUP For an interface I thought 3 LEDs would be simple enough: Blue for everything is fine (as blue LEDs are cooler than green ones); red for something is wrong; and yellow for the modem and router are being restarted. I added a button to do the actual restarting as I wanted it to only be done deliberately. For the internals I went with: Arduino mini pro clone 5v ENC28J60 Ethernet connector (datasheet) ...

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Arduino Bluetooth Serial Connections

This is an introduction on how to setup, make a basic connection, and send data to and from an Arduino using Bluetooth! Bluetooth is great for transmitting data over medium distances and what's more, Arduino just treats it like a serial data connection. This means that we can use the Serial Library. That's a nice thing to have. But what to pair the bluetooth to? And how do we do that? This covers all that. ...

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