ArduinoISP Bootloader/Programmer Combination Shield

I started recently to get interested in building Arduino based robots. Since it is a traumatizing process to take any creation apart, I am opting to keep mine alive and kicking. To lower the cost of this strategy it seems obvious to switch from the arduino development board to selfbuilt arduinos - DIYduinos if you like - and keep the original arduino for what it is meant for... development. See for DIYduino ...

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Single button combination lock using Arduino

Time for something different  - a single button combination lock. Allow me to explain… Updated 18/03/2013 Normally a combination lock would require the entry of a series of unique numbers in order to unlock something or start an action. For example: A more contemporary type of lock could be controlled electronically, for example by a keypad where the user enters a series of digits to cause something to ...

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