Laser cut gear clock with ChronoDot using Arduino

This summer, my hackerspace LVL1 (in Louisville, Ky) got an awesome laser cutter  LVL1 is an awesome community of creative folks that like to build stuff.  You can always check out what we are up to at  If you like instructables and making stuff, you should see if there is a hackerspace in your area.  Anyway... I decided to ...

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Pet Curfew: An Arduino Controlled Pet Door

The Problem: You want to restrict the time when your pet is allowed to go outside. This could be because the neighborhood is not safe for your cat or small dog at night (marauding coyotes comes to mind). But you would like your pet to be able to come in at any time. The Solution: Pet Curfew, an arduino controlled pet door, with real time clock, cat status led light and servo latch. Video here. Step 1: You w ...

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