GnuBee Personal Cloud 2

Para ello, permite reducir sustancialmente el precio de un NAS comercial convencional, lo cual es muy interesante para el desarrollo de soluciones a medida y para el ámbito del I+D. The GnuBee Personal Cloud 2 (GB-PC2) is a network-attached storage (NAS) device specifically engineered to run free, libre, open source software (FLOSS). The GB-PC2 has all the functionality of any commercial, proprietary NAS, b ...

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RedBear Duo: A small and powerful Wi-Fi + BLE IoT board

$120k Flooding-Mesh Protocol: the Duo can join as a node and also be a Wi-Fi gateway for the whole mesh network. Please check our Update #4 for more information and how to help us & our backers to reach the goal. $50K Python Support: we will add a Python interpreter $100K Dev Apps: for both Android & iOS, you will be able to send Arduino / JavaScript / Python code to Duo via Wi-Fi or Particle Cloud ...

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Chipset Nat Semi for portable ultrasound scanners

Description   The LM96511 is an 8-channel integrated analog front end (AFE) module for multi-channel applications, particularly medical ultrasound. Each of the 8 signal paths consists of a low noise amplifier (LNA), a digitally programmable variable gain amplifier (DVGA) and a 12-bit, 40 Mega Samples Per Second (MSPS) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with Instant Overload Recovery (IOR). The architect ...

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