Adaptable Sun Visor Cap

The project conducted as part of the Computational Design and Digital Fabrication seminar in the ITECH masters program. The sun blinds you and you have no hand free? No problem anymore... Here you can find all the important information to build your own adaptable sun visor cap. As well all the files for cutting and programming are attached. Step 1: What You Need. On one of the images you can find ...

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Rabbit Ears on a Cap using Arduino

We are students from Singapore Polytechnic. After looking at the famous Necomimi Arduino Cat Ears, we decided to give it a try to help us familiarise ourselves with the accelerometer and the arduino. Using the materials that we had on hand, we managed to produce a set of moving rabbit ears that is similar but not as fantastic. :) We made a pair of rabbit ears on a cap that move according to the direction yo ...

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