Speech Recognition with Arduino and BitVoicer Server

In this Instructable I am going to show how to use an Arduino board and BitVoicer Server to control a few LEDs with voice commands. I will be using the Arduino Micro in this Instructable, but you can use any Arduino board you have at hand. The following procedures will be executed to transform voice commands into LED activity: Audio waves will be captured and amplified by the Sparkfun Electret Breakout boar ...

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Control Two LEDS with an Arduino and bitVoicer

So what I want to do here is do several things with two LEDs with speech recognition I'm using bitvoicer you can get it here Step 1: Part List So I'm doing this with as little parts as I can, here's the list: Green LED Red LED Breadboard 1k Resistor Jumper Cables Computer Computer Mic(you can use a microphone Ardunio (I'm using the UNO but any kind will work) bitVoicer you can get that here Step 2: How to s ...

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