Retrieving Bitcoin Price Using ESP8266 WiFi Module

In this project you’re going to create a simple HTTP client with an ESP8266 WiFi module. Having your ESP8266 connected to your network, it requests the current Bitcoin price. This is an example on how to  retrieve data from the web. First, flash your ESP8266 module with NodeMCU NodeMCU is a firmware that allows you to program the ESP8266 modules with LUA script. And you’ll find it very similar to the way yo ...

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Chip technology behind the Bitcoin phenomenon

Ever wondered what the Bitcoin currency means to the electronics industry? Well, there is a Bitcoin electronics ecosystem, and it seems to be growing. An early developer of hardware systems for Bitcoin mining is US-based CoinTerra and it has recently expanded its business by acquiring Europe-based Bitcoin related software company Bits of Proof. Dubbed the ‘virtual currency’, Bitcoin is a software-based onli ...

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