More Awesome DoorBell Control

My first DoorBell Mote prototype was working nicely and it allowed monitoring the door bell (while also triggering it remotely – toddlers love it). But I wanted more. On weekends the family likes to get a well deserved nap during the day and often those pesky solicitors ring the bell and wake everyone up. So naturally the doorbell has to be disabled also, without major effort or any disconnected wires. Soun ...

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Arduino Controlled Bell Tower or Carillon

This is a set of musical bells which are driven by solenoids and controlled by an Arduino microcontroller. There are 8 bells covering one octave. The bells are controllable from a PC, or the tower can stand alone and play pre-programmed melodies. Check out the final page for video of it in action. Step 1: Parts The following parts were used: 1 set of chromatic handbells. I got these from my local Aldi for $ ...

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