Assembling the ZIFduino USB 1.2

The ZIFduino, for all intents and purposes, is an Arduino with a ZIF socket. It's geared toward those that want to do prototyping on the platform, but then move the ATMega chip to a stand-alone environment. The pin layouts are exactly the same, so it should be compatible with most shields designed for the Arduino. The PDF of this instructable can be downloaded at ...

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Assembling the 8×8 LED Board Kit

These are step by step instructions for assembling the 8x8 LED Board kit from I had never played with LED displays before using this kit. I suggest reading through all the assembly steps BEFORE starting to solder because assembly order DOES matter with this kit. Overall, this is a very simple assembly. It does have a few points which require special attention. Step 1: Solder the LEDs This ...

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