LED Gingerbread house using arduino

Last year my Wife and I started a new tradition of building a Gingerbread house for Christmas. We had a few nicely decorated houses last year, and I wanted to do a little more this year. Adding LEDs makes everything better, so that is exactly what I did! This instructable will show you how to wire up a ginger bread house with many LEDs (41 in this case) while only using a few pins of a micro controller to c ...

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Arduino Automatic Watering System For Plants Sprinkler

Last month, Elecrow have left from the original office and moved to a new office. We will miss our original office where we worked so hard for more than two years, we will miss everything here, the desks, the windows, and those potted plants, that we cared for more than two years with our neighbor. Our neighbor, a design team, led by a man named Kimi, we had so many memories together in the difficult early ...

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