Arduino controlled animatronic wooden head (reading lamp) usnig arduino

This head is a reading lamp which can be adjusted for direction of lighting, and dimmed as required. This Instructable combines Arduino programming, some simple electronics, carving with hand and power tools, mechanical control and a bit of woodwork. Apart from the Arduino and a few components it is mostly made from reclaimed materials. I am rather pleased with it. What's in this instructable I have include ...

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Wireless nunchuk controlled animatronic doll using Arduino

This instructable will attempt to show you how to make an animatronic doll controlled by a wireless nunchuk. This doll can only move its head though. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who can take this and expand on it and make it much better, and I encourage that completely. :) This instructable will focus more on the coding and wiring than on the building. Since the doll you use for this proje ...

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