New animatronic Eyes: Rock On!

Someone had seen Peter Penguin or my Instructables on Animatronic Penguin Torso or Animatronic Eyes, and was working on a sculpture. He wanted to animate the sculpture when someone walked into the room and asked if I could do it. I thought about it for a while. There were several differences from my penguin, (no laptop controlling the action, could use an SSC-32 as I had before, but may be overkill, and I h ...

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Animatronic Eyes and Wii Nunchuck Part 2 using Arduino

After I built the animatronic eyes in PART 1, I wanted to complete the face with a voice and possibly moving eyebrows. If you look back at my PART 1, you'll see that for the base I used a model from Thingiverse. Once you have the model 3D printed, you will need to add in the 9 gram servos. A quick check of Ebay gives you Tower Pro MG 90 S MG90s Full Metal Gear 9 gram Servo. They are very inexpensive at abou ...

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