An animation inside a water drop by Physalia

2000 pictures compose this piece- that is, 2000 perfect different water drops into which we mapped an animation. Droplets that behave and look strangely similar at the stage of less entropy, and become more disorderly as they splash. The final result of the piece you have seen has absolutely no CGI, and was shot in stopmotion so as to be able to project inside the waterdrop the logo formation, previously an ...

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8×8 LED Matrix Animations using an Arduino

For a party we were about to have I wanted a cool light display to use with my new Xmas present  - an Arduino Uno. Having looked at the LED matrix's here I wanted a bigger one that  I could hang on the balcony. I also wanted it to interact with music and flash at different sound levels and have a keypad to select which animation to run. Thus I came up with this one using some spare  Xmas lights I had alread ...

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