Clap activated LED strip

This Instructable shows you how to build a clap activated LED strip. The whole project is based on the Adafruit's Secret Knock Activated Drawer Lock, where the user can record a secret knock pattern which will open the lock inside the drawer. I thought that I could use this to siwtch an LED strip on and off with a handclap pattern. So let's begin! Step 1: Components I used the following components to build ...

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Sound Activated Outlet

The Clapper was a popular gadget in the 80's and 90's. It let you turn appliances on and off just by clapping. This can be pretty useful, but it has some limitations. First there is the problem of loud noises accidentally turning the lights off. Also, you can't control multiple outlets independently of each other. So I decided to make programmable version of the Clapper using an Arduino microcontroller. The ...

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Project Suite Bros: Voice Activated LED Friendship Photoset (Arduino, Bluetooth, Crafts)

(and partner-in-crime, Abbie). Now, I'm off to the next stage of my life, so I decided to build this friendship photoset for Kevin and Briton to remember our golden era. We called ourselves: "The Suite Bros". This project is actually an extension of the "Voice Activated Arduino (Bluetooth + Android) by ASCAS. I highly advise you guys to read his project first! ASCAS really simplified the fundamentals of the ...

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