Smart RGB Strip with BLEduino DIY Guide

Smart RGB LED Strip is based on the development of our BLEduino, using the Bluetooth 4.0, and the sample code written by EF men, by mobile phone APP, to control the switch of RGB LED strip, and the RGB LED color changing. The main principle is that using BLEduino mega328P chip three PWM pins respectively to control the RGB LED strip of R G B three colors. When the phone APP and BLEduino bluetooth pairing connection succeed, phone APP can control mega328P chip three PWM pins output value, then control the the color of the RGB LED strip

This project is very easy – making, as long as with three things of BLEduino, BLE mobile phone APP, RGB LED Strip, we can complete it, which enable more Arduino starters to participate in this project. What’s more, we can apply this project to finish a Christmas tree with smart RGB LED Strip.

Hardware and Software Preparation


  1. Android or Apple mobile phone with System 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0
  2. USB Cable
  3. RGB LED Strip
  4. BLEduino Mainboard

Smart RGB Strip with BLEduino DIY Guide


1.Mobile phone  APP

2. Arduino IDE

Operating steps

Step 1 Hardware preparation

With jumper wire, connect the RGB strip four pins +5V, R, G, B to BLEduino    mainboard four pins of +5V, D9, D10, D3 respectively(+5V—–+5V, R—-D9, G—-D10, B—-D3), and the wiring picture was shown as below.

Step 2  Code writing and programming

You can write code on your own, or download the sample code provided by our company, then open it by Arduino IDE, and program the code into BLEduino Mainboard.

The sample code is demonstrated here, and you can download it.


For more detail: Smart RGB Strip with BLEduino DIY Guide

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