PWM generator and servo tester using ATtiny45

Hello, in this project I want to show you how to build a PWM generator with a Attiny processor. It is very easy to build and a nice project for starters as also for professionals. You will need some electronic knowledge and some knowledge about Arduino. It wont be to hard, because i already wrote a code for the Attiny, which you can use.
This PWM generator also works as servotester, it supports all kinds of servos, which dont need more then 5V

Operating voltage: 5V
Max PWM current: 1 A
PWM frequency (by now) : 500HZ , I am trying to make that changeable, if you know how, let me know πŸ™‚
High effency
small size
small prize πŸ˜‰
So lets get started!

Step 1: Material and Tools

The materials will cost less then 4$, also you need a Attiny programmer, i used an Arduino Uno!
2 Resistors (450 OHM)
1 Resistor (1 kOHM)
1 BC548 NPN Transistor (or equal)
1 BC516 PNP Transistor (or equal)
some Jumpers

PWM generator
1 Potentiometer (10 kOHM or higher)
serval kinds of terminals (picture 1)
some unisolated wire
1 eight pin IC holder
1 Attiny (25/45/85) I used the Attiny45
some PCB

soldering iron
a cutter knife
a pincer
a attiny programmer (Arduino Uno)
a breadbaord

For more detail: PWM generator and servo tester using ATtiny45

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