Photon – A Wi-fi Microcontroller for $19

Dearest Spark friends,

Our new hardware is here! In case you’re not feeling the length of this post, here’s the short version:

Photon – A Wi-fi Microcontroller for $19

  • Today we’re launching our new development kit, the Photon! It’s the spiritual sequel to the Spark Core (backwards compatible), and it’s faster, better, and cheaper. You can pre-order it now for $19, and we’re targeting March 2015 for delivery.
  • We’re also selling our own Wi-Fi modules – the P0 and P1 – for $10 and $12 respectively, in low volumes (10 units). These modules come with free cloud service, so they’ll do everything the Photon does, and they’ll come pre-programmed with our firmware. We’re doing this to help you transition from a prototype to a manufacturable product.
  • We’ve got accessories from our friends at IDEO, Adafruit, Seeed Studio, and Fritzing! They love us, and we love them.
  • We’ve also launched Spark Dev, our professional IDE built on Github’s open source Atom project. Available today!


For more detail: Photon – A Wi-fi Microcontroller for $19

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