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I was frustrated by trying to remember my passwords for all my websites and got even more frustrated when i need to change a password again after some months. Dont even to mention the needed complexity of them nowadays. A bit insired by the mooltipass featured on hackaday, but too scared of the complexity and hugeness of it, I decided to roll my own.

Also I’m not a terrorist nor a high placed public person, so I dont need that high encrypted and bulky design. Prolly the NSA would crack this thing in a matter of days (minutes?) but I think it will keep your pr0n logins safe from your little brother ;).

Password manager

Current design/features:
– Uses the supercheap PIC16LF1454 (+- 1USD/piece) with no need for a XTAL (Clock is derived from USB)
– Uses a small but crystalclear OLED (128Γ—32, I2C).
– Uses an OS USB stack ( ).
– Emulates a keyboard (HID) for entering usernames or passwords.
– USB thumbdrive footprint.
– Device is protected by a pincode (securely stored in flash on the uC).
– Simple PC application for updating protected storage (currently compiles on linux and windows).
– 32Kbyte storage for usernames/passes (512 username/passes total).
– External storage is XORed with a pseudo RNG (seed of the RNG is not based on the pincode).

For more detail: Password manager

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