Nanino – the DIY friendly Arduino


A minimalistic single sided Arduino compatible development board.


  • Single sided PCB (easy to manufacture)
  • Arduino compatible form factor
  • LED’s for power and pin 13
  • Easy to access reset switch
  • Prototype area
  • FTDI Connector for serial communication
  • On board crystal with decoupling caps
  • Minimal cost (due to PCB and component count)



I got a request from a college student in Brazil for a minimalistic Arduino PCB, very similar to a project I worked on a while ago. The requirements were to have a low cost single sided board that was easy to manufacture. It uses wide traces and a minimum of components. Instead of having a USB connection, a 5V FTDI cable is used. The board can be powered by either the FTDI cable or an external power supply (like a 5V USB charger or batteries). See it as what comes between a Veroduino and a Diavolino Milled PCB.


In order to simplify the layout, the ICSP connector was removed. The bootloader can instead be programmed through the Arduino pin headers, or by removing the IC. An  AVR-ISP  (in-system programmer), USBtinyISP, a ParallelProgrammer, a Boot-Cloner or an Arduino can be used as a programmer.

Upload program to the Nanino

The Nanino has a serial interface (ttl level) that is compatible with a standard 5V FTDI cable. You can also build your own serial adapter or for example use a Sony Ericsson dock as adapter. Note that the FTDI auto reset is not implemented. You can either press reset after a program update, or add a 0,1uF capacitor between pin6 of the FTDI cable and the reset pin.


For more detail: Nanino – the DIY friendly Arduino

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