The miniSpartan3 is our new, low cost, tiny, FPGA kit.  It starts at just $29, and there is a more powerful FPGA chip available for $39.



  • The Spartan 3A XC3A50 FPGA ($29), or the Spartan 3A XC3A200 FPGA ($39) from Xilinx.
  • An on-board USB JTAG Programmer to power and program your FPGA.
  • An on board USB to Serial Interface.
  • One HDMI  output port.
  • 41 digital I/O pins.
  • A 4-channel analog to digital converter running at 200 KSPS with 8 bit resolution.
  • 4 Mbit SPI Flash.
  • 32Mhz oscillator.
  • 3 LEDs for debugging.
  • 2 DIP switches.


  • 1.6 inches wide
  • 2.5 inches long

For More Details: miniSpartan3



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