mbugs – rapid-prototyping electronics for hobbyists and pros

rapid-prototyping electronics for hobbyists

We’re a brand new startup with our very first project on Kickstarter. We’re offering an electronics prototyping kit, compatible with the mbed online compiler.

We have two processor boards (one offers BLE), and a bunch of common interface shields with sensors, LCD display, various outputs, a battery and prototyping board.

We’re calling our boards “mbugs”, a play on the word “embedded”, and because they are tiny like a bug (smaller than a quarter). Our mbugs are stackable, with dual 8-pin Arduino-style connectors.

We hope to get our site out to as many makers as possible because we think this is a really great product with which people can quickly implement their projects. Please pass our project on to anyone who might be interested.

Scroll down for example videos.  And thanks for your interest and support!


The mbug™ ecosystem is the integration of miniaturized electronics based around the ARM Cortex-M microcontroller, the free ARM mbed online compiler, and an intuitive smartphone utility app!

Whether you are a student, hobbyist, or engineer, the mbug ecosystem enables you to quickly implement your electronics projects.

mbugs are simple enough that you don’t need to be an expert to turn your idea into a working creation, yet powerful enough to meet the needs of the advanced user.

With mbugs, what will you create?

how it works

The mbug ecosystem uses the mbed online compiler and SDK where you can quickly create embedded applications that are easily downloaded onto the mbug processor through a standard USB interface, just like adding a file to a USB flash drive.

In addition to the processor mbugs which run the applications, we’re offering a number of expansion mbugs that can be stacked onto the processor to create multifunctional systems. Together, you can use mbugs to build projects containing sensors, displays, relays, and servo motors.

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Finally, we’re providing a free Android app which makes it easy to send and receive data from your smartphone to your mbug projects.

1. LED demos – Easily turn LEDs on and off. Use LEDs to convey information, and use sensor data (like the accelerometer – tilt information) to decide when to turn them LEDs on.

2. eCompass Demo – Use the 6DOF sensor mbug to create an eCompass to indicate your heading (measures Earth’s magnetic field).

3. OLED Display Demo – Use the interface board to program custom graphics and text on the OLED display mbug.

4. Servo Motor Control, Voltage Sensing & OLED Display Demo – This demo video uses the OLED display board, the Servo board and the LPC11U35 PROCESSOR board to control a servo motor. The ADC on the LPC11U35 measures the voltage from the potentiometer, and the voltage is plotted on the OLED display in real-time. Also, the servo board is programmed to follow the potentiometer voltage.

For more detail: mbugs – rapid-prototyping electronics for hobbyists and pros

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