LTC4121/LTC4121- 4.2 – 40V 400mA Synchronous Step-Down Battery Charger

LTC4121/LTC4121-4.2 – 40V 400mA Synchronous Step-Down Battery Charger


  • Wide Input Voltage Range: 4.4V to 40V
  • Adjustable Float Voltage (3.5V to 18V): LTC4121
  • Temperature Compensated Input Voltage Regulation for Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Fixed 4.2V Float Voltage Option: LTC4121-4.2
  • High Efficiency: Up to 95%
  • 50mA to 400mA Programmable Charge Current
  • ±1% Feedback Voltage Accuracy
  • Programmable 5% Accurate Charge Current
  • Thermally Enhanced, Low Profile (0.75mm) 16-Lead (3mm × 3mm) QFN Package


For more detail: LTC4121 LTC4121

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