LCD Word Clock using Arduino


This Instructable is about making a 16 character by 2 line LCD Word Clock with DST switch.

The pictures show how some of the times will read out.

I have made a few of these for family and friends already and they have been quite well received probably because of their uniqueness. I have even made a few of these for myself which are now in use.

LCD Word Clock using Arduino

Step 1: Parts


1602 16×2 LCD LCD module @ $3.00 on eBay

IIC/I2C Interface Serial Interface For Arduino 1602 LCD @ $2.00 on eBay

DS3231 AT24C32 Precision RTC Module @ $3.00 on eBay

Anarduino An Arduino Compatible 24 DIP model kit @$5.40 on eBay

BreadBoard P.S. Breadboard Power Supply @$1.50 on eBay

Module Wiring Dupont Wire Connector Cables 20cm (female-female) @$1.50 on eBay

Mini SPDT Switch @ 50 cents

2.1mm DC Pwr Jack @ 50 cents

#2 hardware I use ½ inch bolts to mount parts on case. Check out

10K Ohm Resistor 1/8W or 1/4W

Molex Header Item G18974 at Electronic Goldmine @$2.00 / 10

Case enclosure MB-132 at @$3.00

Arduino UNO Used to program ATMEGA328P chip and clock module

Shipping is not included in the above price approximations… some are free shipping and others cost. Everything should run about $35 if you had none of it except the UNO to begin with.

LCD Word Clock using Arduino circuit

Step 2: Construction

Initial preparations:

If you are interested in building the clock the way I did, then please refer back to my first Instructable to get the bread board power supply ready for the project and to my second Instructable “Kitchen Sink Clock” to get the info needed about working with the Anarduino Kit and programming the ATMEGA328P and the Precision RTC module using the INO file provided with this Instructable.


For more detail: LCD Word Clock using Arduino

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