HYBRIDPLAY: Engaging Fitness Gaming On Playgrounds

HYBRIDPLAY is a new, revolutionary inclusive fitness game device for you and your children to engage in physical activity by playing video games outdoors. Too many kids nowadays are no longer playing outdoors. Instead, they are inside playing games on phones and tablets. Video games are a fun and enriching tool, but we can go a step further and make games not only mentally, but physically engaging, while bringing kids and adults together outdoors. HYBRIDPLAY combines the best of digital and physical play, enhancing the playground by making it inclusive for all abilities, and bringing back children’s excitement for the outdoors. It is the ultimate inclusive fitness game system for kids and adults! HYBRIDPLAY is an open project so everybody can make or customize their own HYBRIDPLAY. Join us for engaging outdoor fitness and play now!


With HYBRIDPLAY , everyday objects —swings, slides, and seesaws or doors, rocker chairs, flexos, etc.— become interfaces for a virtual world. Actions on the playground directly determine what happens in the game, connecting the real and virtual worlds in an amazing experience. Make video games and playgrounds even more exciting with HYBRIDPLAY, so kids and adults can play, enjoy, and learn outdoors. Help us shape a new way of playing!


For more detail: What is HYBRIDPLAY


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