High currents, small spaces – a breeze for Wago 221

Perhaps the hottest this-year novelty from company Wago – 221 series terminal blocks are here.

Not only in flyers and datasheets, but also in reality – in our stock. That´s why we bring you their description and mainly the first pieces to evaluate.
High currents, small spaces - a breeze for Wago 221
New series 221 is based on a well-proven technology of contacts – CageClamp-S and it´s partially similar to a favorite series 222, but 221 overcomes this previous series in many ways. Overall, the 221 excels in many aspects. Judge yourself:

● it´s about 40% smaller than series 222

● it´s fully transparent from both sides, thus enables easy visual control of a proper wire insertion

● testing openings are from both sides, what enables easy testing (for example by a multimeter) at various positions in installation boxes, motors,…

● a feelingly lower force is necessary to operate the lever, in comparison to series 222

● huge range of usable diameters from smallest (0,14mm2/0,2mm2), up to 4mm2

32A/450V/105°C – usable for 230V and also 400V applications

● possibility to use solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires

● international approvals like ENEC, UL, PSE/JET, CQC, GOST-R

● hollowed-out grips on the side walls for a better grip and easier manipulation during installation

For more detail: High currents, small spaces – a breeze for Wago 221

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