FaceBooth – One button to facebook photobooth

I wanted to make a photbooth for a Christmas party. I wanted it to be simple to operate and only be one click easy so that even a guest who was chemically uncoordinated could even operate it.I wanted a solution that would take a photo and post it on facebook. Guests could later tag themselves or others.


There are three parts to this solution:

  1. The Photobooth software
  2. The Button
  3. Software for the button to talk to the software

Step 1: The Photobooth Software

The Photobooth Software

For the photobooth software, I have used DSLRBooth (http://www.dslrbooth.com/) it had everything I wanted.
It can:

  • Print directly to a printer
  • Post to facebook (Pro version only)
  • Generate a QR code for guests to scan and retrieve their photos
  • Email guests a copy of their photos
  • SMS (Twilio account needed)
  • Has a range of templates that you can overlay images etc… These can be customised as well.)

Rather than regurgitate the setup instructions, you can view them athttp://www.dslrbooth.com/howto/photo-booth-instructions/

The trial version runs for 7 days and gives you all premium features. If you plan on using this software, download it within 7 days of your event. Or pay for it.

Step 2: The Button

This was the fun bit. I wanted to make the whole experience simple to use. I thought a glowing button would do the trick.


For more detail: FaceBooth – One button to facebook photobooth


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