Diyouware TwinTeeth: The PCB mini-factory

TwinTeeth Basic and Plus are open-source PCB mini-factories targeted to the electronic hobbyists. They are innovative fabricators of Arduino™ shield-size PCBs which help you to make PCB prototypes at home and learn a lot about mechatronics.

Diyouware TwinTeeth The PCB mini-factory

It includes the following functions:

  • UV Laser photoengraving on sensitive film or presensitized boards using an ultraviolet laser.
  • Drilling vias and holes using any mini-rotary tool like Dremel® or Proxxon®.
  • Dispensing solder paste with precision on SMD PCB pads.
  • Plotting circuits with a permanent marker pen (if you prefer this method).
  • 3D printing knobs, casings, front-panels, even print circuits with conductive filament, or make circuits supports.
  • Milling/Carving soft materials or etching PCB copper with a v-bit (if you prefer this etching method).
  • And much more… because it is extendable and you can use any other tool you can fix on it.

Diyouware TwinTeeth comes with interchangeable Toolheads which automates the processing of most PCB fabrication stages. They are fixed at the top of the robot and it is easy to interchange them.

While traditional 3D printers or CNC machines move the tool while the working piece is fixed on the bed, TwinTeeth moves the bed while the tool is fixed. The first method is good if the tool is small and you want to make large pieces. But if the tool is heavy like a mini-rotary tool or a 3D extruder and the piece you are working on is light like a PCB, it is better to move the piece because it provides more precision and reduces vibrations.

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TwinTeeh uses the PHR-803T blu-ray pickup we hacked last year. It is a masterpiece of engineering which includes three laser diodes: UV 405nm, Red 650nm and IR 780nm,  focus lens, coil servos and a photodiode array which TwinTeeth uses to auto-focus the laser with precision on the PCB.


Last year we fought with mechanical vibrations and belt resonances when we developed DiyouPCB. When we began TwinTeeh project we were afraid of not finding a free-vibration mechanical design because we tried almost everything to avoid vibrations.

For More Details: Diyouware TwinTeeth: The PCB mini-factory


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