Brewmonitor: The Arduino-powered, cloud-based homebrewing controller

recently started brewing beer at home with a group of friends and one of the things that quickly came to light, is that maintaining a steady fermention temperature can be the key to a good brew. We have a stick on thermometer on our fermenter buckets which we can use for reading the temperature of the beer, locally, but I was wondering if there was a system I could hook up, so that all of us could check in on the beer via the web. Lo and behold, there are a few systems available for monitoring/controlling the temperature of a batch of homebrew beer as it ferments. But most of them require expensive equipment and the ones that don’t are still based on the Arduino-sensor and Raspberry Pi-gateway model, which will set you back the bones of €80, if you make it yourself. As well as that, the webserver for the BrewPi system (most popular as far as I could see) runs on the Raspberry Pi in your home network. This means you have to configure port forwarding and something like dyndns to access it from outside the house, making the system configuration a bit of a chore.


With that in mind, have a gander at this: It’s just a basic site, based on this tutorial, which is currently plotting the temperature in my sitting room. It’s got a PHP backend (Laravel framework with RESTful API), MySQL


For more detail: Brewmonitor: The Arduino-powered, cloud-based homebrewing controller

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