Arduino TinyScreen

TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display. Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.

TinyScreen is the new way to visualize your environment. With a beautiful color OLED display, TinyScreen is designed to be used to display information from the TinyDuino platform, which stack together like little electronic Lego’s.

Arduino TinyScreen

With TinyScreen there are several default apps that will work right out of the box – like a Smart Watch app, a Video player app and a video game app.  You can use these default apps with NO PROGRAMMING AT ALL!


Create your own smart watch using TinyScreen.  The watch can be configured to use several different watch faces, and can use Bluetooth 4 (also known as Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Smart) to communicate with your smart phone (Android 4.3+ and iOS 7+).

We have an open source app developed for both iPhone and Android that will allow you to configure the notifications that you can receive and display on the watch, like incoming phone calls, incoming texts, tweets and appointments.

3D printed enclosures are also available for the watch body that you can download and print yourself, and we’ll also have different enclosures that you can purchase.


Play games on your TinyScreen, either with the four buttons along the side of the screen, or with the new Joystick TinyShield.  This supports two analog joysticks.  Currently we have a Flappy Bird clone and asteroids, with many more games to come.  Plus with the open source software library, other Kickstarter backers can create games and share them on our website.


Watch videos on your TinyScreen which can stream from an attached microSD card.  The videos can be any length, and a simple menu system that uses the TinyScreen buttons lets you navigate and select the video from the SD card.

The video format is similar to an animated GIF and computer software is available to convert standard videos into this format.


For more detail: Arduino TinyScreen

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