antiAFK – Sending random keyboard commands

Hey everyone, back with another project. The antiAFK is something I originally started working on almost a year ago, but its only been since 2014 started that I’ve been making real progress on all my projects.

Plus, I just finished my MSc the other day so now I’ve got all the time to work on my OSHW!



The antiAFK is essentially a stripped down Arduino Leonardo with the intention of sending occasional keyboard commands to the attached PC with the intention of preventing the user from being logged out of online games due to inactivity. This can help on high population servers where being kicked back to the login queue can mean that you miss a group event. It randomizes the time between presses (with a min and max), the key from a set of valid keys, and the duration of the key press event. The period, variance, and valid key set are configurable by the user through the CDC serial port.


For more detail: antiAFK – Sending random keyboard commands

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