Tiny boost regulators deliver up to 10 W

Offered with fixed output voltages of 4.75 V, 5.0 V, 5.25 V and 5.5 V or an adjustable output voltage, the MIC2875 and MIC2876 2-MHz boost regulators from Micrel are capable of supplying up to 2 A of output current, while occupying just 122 mm2 of board space. These synchronous regulators also achieve efficiency of up to 95% and are well-suited for operation from a single-cell lithium battery and providing power to applications such as USB on-the-go and HDMI hosts, tablets, and smart phones.

The low-profile devices offer bidirectional load disconnect to prevent current flow between input and output when the regulator is disabled. Under light loads, the parts reduce the switching frequency to extend battery life. Other features include bypass mode operation when the input voltage exceeds the set output voltage and an anti-ringing switch to minimize EMI issues during discontinuous mode.

Tiny boost regulators deliver up to 10 W

In addition, the MIC2875 has a minimum switching frequency of 45 kHz during light-load operation to optimize the performance of the boost regulator to meet the low-noise requirements of audio applications. Both devices are housed in 8-pin, 2×2-mm TDFN packages and require just three external components for operation. They are specified for a junction temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.


For more detail: Tiny boost regulators deliver up to 10 W

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