Arduino Yun SBC adds Wifi and Linux to Leonardo features

[Updated Sep 30] — Arduino announced the first open source Arduino hacker board with built-in WiFi, and also the first to run Linux. The $69 Arduino Yun integrates the functions of an Arduino Leonardo, featuring an Atmel ATmega32U4 microcontroller and 14 GPIO pins, with an Atheros AR9331 WiFi SOC running OpenWRT embedded Linux on a 400MHz MIPS processor. Arduino, the Italian-based project that designs the o ...

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Focus on Arduino YÚN: a board for all, that makes life easier

This post introduces in details one of the latest boards from the Arduino Team: a board that we still didn’t cover that much on the blog. YÚN’s DNA is that of the Arduino family lately open to new requirements and perspectives: Embedded Linux, Ethernet and WiFi with a board that is easy to use and just ready out of the box. Once we put our hands on the Arduino Yun months ago, we could not resist the temptat ...

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