Study Finds a Way to Prevent Fires in Next-Generation Lithium Batteries

Menlo Park, Calif. — In a study that could improve the safety of next-generation batteries, researchers discovered that adding two chemicals to the electrolyte of a lithium metal battery prevents the formation of dendrites – “fingers” of lithium that pierce the barrier between the battery’s halves, causing it to short out, overheat and sometimes burst into flame. The findings, published June 17 in Nature Co ...

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Nvidia goes own way with 64-bit ARM CPU

Dubbed Denver, the processor will be used in the firm’s first 64-bit version of its Tigra K1 mobile processor designed for Android smartphones and tablets. This new version of Tegra K1 pairs our 192-core Kepler architecture-based GPU with the 64-bit, dual-core CPU. Each of the Denver cores implements a 7-way superscalar microarchitecture (up to 7 concurrent micro-ops can be executed per clock), and includes ...

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