Telemetry with solar cell using an Arduino

*NOTE* THIS PROJECT IS DONE BY A GROUP OF STUDENTS FROM SINGAPORE POLYTECHNIC. Telemetry - Solar Cells Our project is using Arduino with the ZigBee to transmit and receive data from the solar cell. Data will be shown in the LCD and the software called “X-CTU”. Components used: 1 Arduino Uno 1 ZigBee Shield (Transmitter) 1 ZigBee (Receiver) 1 LCD Monitor 1 Solar Cell 1Resistor (Value may change) Instructions ...

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Vehicle Telemetry Platform using Arduino

Ever wondered what goes on under the hood of your car? Wish you could peek inside the engine management system and read values from it? Annoyed that your dashboard displays a cryptic "Check Engine" light (yep, the engine is still there) but gives absolutely no explanation what the problem might be? You don't need a US$10,000 diagnostic console or even a laptop computer to get access to useful data from your ...

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