Password Based Door Lock System Using Arduino SIMULINO UNO

Security is the main challenging things in this modern world . Any one can enter your private home at any time to stole your property . To protect your home from thief you must be secured . In this project a motor is fitted to the door so that door will open only when password is matched . By doing this project you will also know concept behind relay . Since relay is mechanical switch between very high volt ...

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Digital voltmeter using Arduino UNO Range:0-50 volt Using SIMULINO UNO

This is a simple project showing you how to make a digital voltmeter using Arduino where the readings are displayed in a Liquid Crystal Display LCD20x4. The proposed voltmeter design can read up to 50V. We are using analogue to digital conversion process. Arduino microcontroller equipped with 10-bit analogue to digital converter (ADC). This means Arduino can read 2^10=1024 discrete voltage levels.In this pr ...

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