Arduino and Transistors Question – RE: School Musical Production

One of the directors has asked me to create a special backdrop for our college musical. This particular backdrop has a particular design (see below) that includes LED strip lighting to give the feel of a 1920s casino sign – similar to what is seen today in Las Vegas. I  have done up a detailed design for this sign, based off the rough sketch given to me by the director and the dimensions of the backdrop.  O ...

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Arduino-based master clock for schools

If your school, or kids school, or other location relies on a central master clock that is broken, you may have a use for this device. New master clocks are available of course, but school budgets are under extreme pressures, and it really is a satisfying project if you have the necessary skills. This master clock controls the signals sent to the slave clocks, and keeps them synchronized. The firmware in th ...

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