Reaction Time Game

This  reaction time game tests the time taken by two players to react, and declare the fastest one as a winner. To do this I am using external interrupts and pin change interrupts in atmega328p. It gives four chance to each play, time of each chance is summed up and then the player with minimum time is declared as the winner. For the demo purpose, I’ll be using pseudo random function in it, just to keep tra ...

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ReFlex Reaction Game

We decided to construct a game for our final project for Microcomputer Architecture. The game, which we named Reflex [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="31137,31138"] is a simple player versus player reaction game in which the winner is rewarded with a drink of their choice, poured into a cup by a servo.  Flex sensors measure the reaction time of the players, to flex their fingers and make a fist.   ...

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