IEI launched its Pico-ITX Hyper-RK39 SBC board that runs Ubuntu or Android on a Rockchip RK3399 and comes with 2GB RAM, 16B eMMC, dual and 4K display support, GbE, WiFi/BT, and optional LTE. The Rockchip RK3399 is popular among community hacker boards like the recent NanoPi Neo4. Commercial board vendors are trying out the somewhat x86 like Arm SoC. First of this was the Aaeon’s RICO-3399 and now IEI has re ...

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Time-based One-time Password fob for Google Authenticator

Creating an OTP fob compatible with Google Authenticator using an Espruino Pico Now that the Espruino Pico has (beta) HID support, it can pretend to be a keyboard or mouse (or other HID compatible device). This makes it possible to send characters to the active window on your Windows/Linux/Mac PC. I've cobbled together some code which turns the Pico into a device like a YubiKey. Press the button and get the ...

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