MIDI has been around for nearly forty years, but what do you do if you have an old ‘toy’ keyboard without MIDI? Or really any way to make it sound good? You could turn it into a player piano, and that’s exactly what [Alessandro] did with an old toy keyboard. It’s The Pianist Octopus, and it is perhaps the coolest, neatest pianist you’ve ever seen. This build uses 24 individual 9 gram hobby servos, which of ...

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Simon the Octopus

Everyone loves the Simon game ! So we decided to take it to another level. This project was done for our Things That Think class where we had to make a PlushBot (a plush toy that thinks! "with computation") thus, kids were our target. We decided on an octopus that would have all eight arms flashing, however, due to the limited number of pins on the Lilypad Arduino micro-controller, the number of functioning ...

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