Modular DIY Geiger–Müller counter

The Geiger–Müller counter is a relatively simple tool to measure ionizing radiation. To increase sensitivity, construction presented here contains three (instead of one as usually) soviet STS-5 lamps. This is important for measurements of natural sources of (low) radiation like soil, rocks (an article about my trip with Geiger–Müller counter on Śnieżka mountain). When high voltage (typically 380-420V) is ap ...

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New Product – VFD Modular Clock IV-18 SMT

We showed a demo of this clock at Maker Faire Tokyo 2014 and it is now available in our online shop! VFD Modular Clock IV-18 SMT edition is a special solder-free kit version of the original VFD Modular Clock . The kit comes with all electronics pre-soldered, but you still assemble the enclosure yourself. Features: IV-18 8-digit Russian VFD Display Tube Open source mbed based firmware LPC1347 ARM Cortex-M3 6 ...

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