Keep your secret safe with the ATECC608 crypto-authentication chip

Adafruit has this week announced the availability of the ATECC608 breakout board, featuring the latest crypto-auth chip from Microchip. The chip uses I2C to send and receive commands and once you ‘lock’ the chip with your details, you can use it for ECDH and AES-128 encrypt,decrypt and signing. The breakout board also provides hardware support for random number generation, and SHA-256/HMAC hash functions to ...

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Applied Micro’s X-Gene challenges for server processor market

Applied Micro leads the charge to infiltrate the $12 billion server processor market with ARM-based ICs. This is not a trivial task. The $54 billion gorilla standing in Applied Micro’s way is Intel with a 90% plus share of the server processor market. So what, if any, are Applied Micro’s selling points compared to Intel’s? First and foremost there’s the business model. “Competition is what we’re bringing,” ...

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